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Lost England

Philip Davies

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Lost England 1870-1930 - Atlantic Publishing

The 1,500 photographs in this book, reproduced from Historic England's matchless archive, tell the national story over six tumultuous decades. In housing, employment, transport and everyday life, they depict people's experiences with an immediacy that written records cannot hope to achieve. To observe the changing face of our cities, villages and coastal towns across those 60 years is to connect with the country's rich heritage, to open a unique window on a bygone age.

In the pages of this book, the lost world of Victorian and Edwardian England is beautifully, and evocatively, rediscovered.

The Historic England photographic collection has accumulated over decades, with the addition of many archives from a wide variety of sources around the country. The priceless photographic content tells its own visual story, often accompanied by definitive text. But while there is a vast amount of information in the captions in this book, we are conscious that some details about the photographs have been lost over the years. However, with the growing interest in the past – whether from conservation societies, popular genealogy or local history groups – an increasingly important source of information is held by the descendants of the people who grew up and lived in communities across the country a century or more ago and whose local knowledge is retained in today's generation. Where there are omissions, anomalies or mistakes, or simply extra information that would enhance the historical database we would love to hear from you.

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